The Board of Directors (the Board) of Malpac is committed to ensure the standards of corporate governance is used as a fundamental basis of the Board in discharging their fiduciary duties and responsibilities to protect and enhance shareholder values. Malpac believes talented personnel are critical to business success and therefore our directors and senior management are nominated and elected by way of meritocracy. Short listed candidates will be interviewed by the existing Board members and the final decision will be concluded via voting. 

Chairman - Encik Muhayuddin Bin Musa
Deputy Chairman - Mr. Chew Loy Chee
Non-Independent Executive Director - Mr. Lim Hong Liang
Non-Independent Executive Director - Mr. Kan Ah Chun
Non-Independent Executive Director - Mr. Tan Kim Tieng
Non-Independent Non-Executive Director - Mr. Gan Teck Chong
Senior Independent Non-Executive Director - Encik Johari Low Bin Abdullah
Chief Executive Officer - Mr. Ang Poh Guan